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“Ecobio demonstrates good customer service. They are flexible and always answer questions as and when they arise.”

Vapo Oy, Katja Oksala, Senior Manager, Quality

“In terms of Ecobio Manager service, the usability is very imporessive and I appreciate the software’s flexibility. I am also happy with the fact that we have a good contact person to turn to.”

Cargotec Oy, Jussi Korpela, Director, Quality Systems

“I am particularly pleased with their friendly customer service and their flexibility”

Onninen Oy, Patrik Vesterinen, Quality Manager

“I am pleased that the Ecobio Manager service is always up to date. I am also very pleased that our needs are thoroughly discussed annually and the service is then tailored to our requirements.”

IDO BathRooms Oy, Thomas Kronberg, Manager, Process Development and Environment

As an Ecobio Manager customer, you will achieve noticeable benefits from the start.

Customer Benefits

customer benefits - increased preparedness

Increased Preparedness

customer benefits - up to date information

More up to date Information

customer benefits - better market position

Better Market Position

customer benefits - more comprehensive reporting

More comprehensive Management and Reporting

customer benefits - happier & healthier employees

Healthier employees and living environment

customer benefits - welfare

Welfare for nature and people

customer benefits - less routines

Less Routines

customer benefits - ensured compliance

Ensured Compliance

Our Customer Ratings







(Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2020 among all Ecobio customers.)

Benefits of the service to our customers:

Obligation Tracking
73 % more systematic obligation tracking
71 % better ensured coverage of legislative obligations
67 % easier interpretation of changes in obligations

Chemical Management
64 % simpler tracking of restricted substances
64 % more efficient updating of safety data sheets
61 % better ensured meeting chemical requirements

Risk Assessment
37 % improved coverage of risk assessment
34 % more systematic risk assessment

(Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2020 among all Ecobio customers.)

Key Numbers of Ecobio Manager






Restricted Substances


Years of Experience


Years of Cloud Service

10 Billions

Customer Revenues

What Our Customers Say About Us

Learn how companies around the world increase business value and employee satisfaction while cutting costs and saving nature together with Ecobio Manager.

Gasum customer benefits

Gasum Uses Ecobio Manager in Nordics

Energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas expert who, together with its partners, promotes our development towards a carbon neutral society. Gasum promotes the emergence of a sustainable economy for energy through increasing the domestic supply of biogas, developing the Nordic gas ecosystem and managing gas price competitiveness.

Developments & Achievements

Ecobio Manager, industry leader

Industry Leader

Over 10 years an industry leader in automation within corporate sustainability services.

Ecobio Manager, accomplishments


Awarded Twice for

Ecobio Manager, experience


In 1989 Founded as the First Environmental Management Consultancy in Nordics