Regulation Tracking and Compliance Assessment

Achieve Improved Compliance on a National and Global Level With Ecobio Manager

Benefits of Our Digital Solution

  • Tailored according to your needs

The law collection is always tailored according to your needs and only relevant laws to the business are shown

  • Convenient summaries for each law

An easy-to-understand summary is provided for each law that is continuously updated

  • Always up-to-date

The service keeps users updated regarding any changes or updates as well as new legislations

  • User-friendly experience

The versatile functions in the service ensure a user-friendly experience by enabling for example different filters and search functions

  • Updated Requirements

Updating as a service

  • Digitalized efficiency

Compliance assessment is easy and clear to use and keeps you informed regarding the compliance status of the whole company with a dashboard

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Obligation Tracking Database:

Laws, Regulations and Other Obligations

Ecobio Manager’s legislative database contains a comprehensive collection of environmental, chemical, occupational health and work safety regulations and statutes, as well as many special rulings and official instructions.

You can also create your own collections of both internal requirements and requirements from your stakeholders.

The database is comprised of:

  • EHS & Chemicals legislation in the European Union, Sweden, Finland, Norway and US California. For example: EU REACH, USA OSHA TSCA, TRI &Tier II
  • Global Regulation Collections such as: EU Taxonomy collections, Global Agreements in Sustainability, Human Rights by UN and several states, and UN Global Compact
  • Global, National and Regional Product Legislation, Company-Specific Collections
  • International Agreements and Guidelines in Sustainability
  • Company Specific Requirements
  • … and much more. Ask for other collections!

Our Customers

Ecobio Manager is one of the most advanced, best-established services in the field. It is used extensively by large and small companies in a range of industrial sectors.

Digitalise your regulation tracking and compliance assessment with Ecobio Manager.

We want to present to you our digital solution Ecobio Manager, to achieve improved compliance on a national and global level.

We help you structure, interpret, and process the requirements.

Do you want to hear more? Our regulation tracking and compliance assessment experts are happy to have a chat. Contact us today!

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Choose Your Tailored Content

We make it easy for you: our service is always tailored for you according to your needs! Choose the features that you need; EU taxonomy, obligation tracking, chemicals management and/or risk assessment, and we do the rest.


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