CSRD – Navigating Double Materiality with Ecobio Manager

Järjestämme 5.3. englanninkielisen webinaarin CSRD:stä. Tule kuuntelemaan ja opi lisää!

Embrace the Double Materiality of corporate sustainability reporting with confidence! If you find yourself navigating the complexities of CSRD and taxonomy or if you’re curious about crafting an impactful sustainability statement, look no further. Discover the power of Ecobio Manager’s innovative Double Materiality Assessment feature that redefines the landscape of corporate sustainability reporting. 

Whether you’re seeking clarity on Double Materiality or a comprehensive digital solution, we have you covered. Join us and gain the knowledge and tools you need to effortlessly manoeuvre through the world of corporate sustainability reporting. 


  • Which organizations are affected by CSRD 
  • Timeline for legal requirements  
  • Double materiality, data collection, and report preparation 
  • Taxonomy eligibility, alignment, and KPIs – six objectives 
  • Sustainability Statement and its delivery to the ESAP 
  • Effective working process: from GAP analysis to company-wide reporting 
  • Benefits of Ecobio Manager, including the revolutionary Double Materiality Assessment 
  • Q&A Session 

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