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With Ecobio Manager, you can manage corporate sustainability in a comprehensive way. It covers sustainability and EU taxonomy reporting, chemicals, legal requirements and compliance assessment, risks, and much more.

Whether your company is small or large, Ecobio Manager fits your business needs, covering all critical parts of your value chain. Ecobio Manager – where innovation meets impact 

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Increase the value of your business, protect nature, and reduce costs – with Ecobio Manager

EU taxonomy + CSRD

With Ecobio Manager, you can classify and report your corporate sustainability according to the EU ​Taxonomy in the ​regulation’s ​required format. Additionally, you can start to prepare your Corporate Sustainability Reporting from Double Materiality assessment towards data collection and reporting.

Chemical management

Ecobio Manager ensures the safe use of chemicals in the workplace. You have access to up-to-date safety data sheets, chemical inventories, restricted substance information, and chemical guidelines.  

Risk management

Ecobio Manager ​​automates the management of operational and climate risks for your company.

Compliance monitoring and evaluation

Ecobio Manager keeps you ​up to date​ on changes in corporate sustainability and ESG regulations and helps you assess compliance in your company’s operations and supply chains.

Experienced experts at your service

Our corporate sustainability experts are ​here to​ support you whenever you need help. Ecobio Manager is a combination of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of corporate sustainability, legal expertise, and high-quality software development.  

You can always count on us for friendly and professional service.  

“The use of Ecobio Manager is easy and streamlines the monitoring of legislative requirements. ​Also​, collaboration with Ecobio ​is ​smooth.” 

Melina Kaihoniemi
Environmental Engineer

EPV Energia Oy


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