Chemical Management

Efficiency in chemical management with Ecobio Manager.

Benefits of Our Digital Solution

  • Shows the relevant information tailored for your needs

Up-to-Date chemical registers, Safety Data Sheets and safety information are available for everyone.

  • Manage responsibilities easily

Share responsibilities and manage your company’s chemical registers and safety data sheets according to the legal requirements.

  • Digitalized efficiency

Efficient implementation of the demands for chemicals with the help of our digital solution.

  • Assess and approve

Workplace specific assessment and approval of Safety Data Sheets and Exposure scenarios.

  • Simpler tracking of restricted substances.

Track changes in regulations and restricted substances.

  • More systematic reporting

Export data to excel for easier reporting.

  • User friendly

User friendly interface with all the needed functions.

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Simpler tracking of restricted substances

(Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2021 among all Ecobio customers.)

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Chemical Management Database: Up-to-Date Safety Data Sheets and Restricted Substances Always at Your Fingertips

Facilitates compliance with chemical requirements, chemical registers, safety data sheets (SDS), and restricted substances easily with Ecobio Manager. Employees can access the latest versions of the SDSs conveniently with a mobile device and QR-code in our digital solution.

Ecobio Manager delivers digital lists of chemicals, safety instructions, safety data sheets to your workplaces, and monitors automatically the vast lists of restricted substances.

You can select safety data sheets (SDS:s) for your use from our comprehensive collection, in the languages you need. The data is delivered automatically to your workplaces. Smooth assessment and archiving of SDS:s and exposure scenarios is done according to official guidelines.

The service identifies restricted substances in chemicals used by your company and automatically issues information about their specific requirements. We monitor the most significant lists such as:

  • EU REACH, SVHC, CLP, Conflict Minerals, PIC, POP and 2008/105/EC
  • National lists in Sweden (AFS, PRIO, SIN), Norway and Finland (ASA)
  • Californian Proposition 65

You can use the database in, for example, the industrial application of chemicals and in storage-related ratio calculations. The versatile reporting characteristics featured in the service can also be used ‘as is’ in making reports to the authorities.

Our Customers

Ecobio Manager is one of the most advanced, best-established services in the field. It is used extensively by large and small companies in a range of industrial sectors.

Do you want to benefit from digitalisation of chemical management?
We provide you our digital solution, Ecobio Manager.

We want to present to you our digital solution, Ecobio Manager, to achieve efficiency in chemical management.

We help you structure, interpret, and process the requirements.

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We make it easy for you: our service is always tailored for you according to your needs! Choose the features that you need; EU taxonomy, obligation tracking, chemicals management and/or risk assessment, and we do the rest.


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