All-In-One Software for Chemical Management

​​​​​​Ecobio Manager is the solution for managing chemicals in your workplace, enabling you to ensure safe chemical use and compliance with a multitude of chemical regulations, both domestically and internationally, in various languages and countries.

Ecobio Manager ensures the safe use of chemicals in all locations around Europe.

​​​With Ecobio Manager, you can effortlessly access current safety data sheets, chemical inventories, safety markings, labels, and information on restricted substances at all your locations. Chemical instructions can be easily viewed using various login methods, making it convenient for chemical users.​​ 

​​​Our chemical management tool is developed by experienced chemical experts who have combined software services with their vast knowledge in the field of chemistry.​​ 

​​​Ecobio Manager’s user-friendly interface is designed to provide an easy and straightforward experience for all users, allowing them to navigate the platform with ease and without the need for extensive training.​​ 

Customer Benefits

Updating of safety data sheets has enhanced by

82 %*

Compliance with legislative requirements has improved by

77 %*

Monitoring of restricted substances is easier by

71 %*

Manage over 


restricted substanced

30.000 +

safety data sheets

* The average improvements experienced by customers based on Ecobio Manager customer survey (2022). 

Why Ecobio Manager is an excel​l​ent solution for chemical management?

Saves a​​​​ lot of work, time, and effort 

Ensures safe use of chemicals 

Significantly improves tracking of thousands of restricted substances

Meets the requirements of chemical legislation 

Chemical experts at your service 

Comprehensive chemical risk assessment complements chemical safety 

Comprehensive solution for chemical management

Ecobio Manager ensures workplace chemical safety effortlessly and complies with legal requirements. 

Ecobio Manager automatically shares up-to-date safety data sheets and their information with the chemical inventories of workplaces, conveniently available for users to view on their computers or phones. 

The software’s automation detects the presence of restricted substances and provides guidance on their safe handling. Chemical information can be conveniently entered using various methods, including QR codes.

Ecobio Manager’s easy-to-use service for ensuring chemical safety includes the following: 

Up-to-date safety data sheets 

  • Chemical inventory lists 
  • Safety cards 
  • Labels 
  • Identification of restricted substances and required actions  
  • Assessment of safety data sheets and exposure scenarios 
  • Assessment of chemical risks 
  • Current monitoring of chemical regulations 
  • Archiving for 10 years 
  • Inventory management 
  • Personnel exposure registry 
  • Chemical expert advisory service 
  • Storage and exposure registry 

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