Ecobio Manager - the # solution for EU Taxonomy reporting

Ecobio Manager – The world’s most comprehensive solution for EU Taxonomy and CSRD

​With Ecobio Manager, you can easily classify your economic activities according to EU ​taxonomy criteria and report your key performance indicators, such as ​turnover (​revenue​)​, ​capital expenditure (investments)​, and ​operational expenditure​, in compliance with legal requirements. 

Additionally, you can start to prepare your Corporate Sustainability Reporting from Double Materiality assessment towards data collection and reporting.

Stay ahead of the game by ensuring that your EU taxonomy and Corporate Sustainability reporting is accurate and hassle-free, now and in the future.

Why Ecobio Manager?

Ecobio Manager seamlessly connects your team’s financial, sustainable development, legal, and communication professionals with the EU ​taxonomy. At the same time, you will also create a working model designed by experts for implementing CSRD requirements and reporting them to ESAP.

Ecobio Manager covers all of your needs in corporate sustainability reporting.

A Tagged Sustainability statement

By the law, the sustainability statement includes a company’s corporate sustainability (CSRD) and EU Taxonomy information. Ecobio Manager helps your company create its sustainability statement electronically with required digital-tagged information and deliver it to the European Single Access Point (ESAP).

Simplify Your CSRD Workflow

Ecobio Manager guides your team through the double materiality assessment and automatically builds your data collection framework based on the assessment results. Finally, you simply collect the data and create the sustainability statement.

Simplify Your EU Taxonomy workflow

With Ecobio Manager, your team can streamline the classification of your company’s economic activities according to the EU Taxonomy criteria, report their key performance indicators, and add the information automatically to the sustainability statement. You can ensure compliance with all up-to-date obligations in Ecobio Manager.

Climate Scenario Risks, Regulations and more

EU’s CSRD, accompanying ESRS standards, and the EU Taxonomy, all set new demands for sustainability comopetence and processes in companies. Ecobio Manager provides expert-designed and supportive tools for climate change scenario assessments, GHG calculations, rgulation tracking, comploance assessment, stakeholder engagement, chemicals and more.

​Simplify EU Taxonomy and CSRD with Ecobio Manager

Empower your Corporate sustainability with Ecobio Manager. Our user-friendly, powerful, and versatile tool makes it easy to classify your economic activities according to EU taxonomy and report your progress annually in the required format.  

With Ecobio Manager, you can seamlessly connect regulation monitoring and risk assessment, all in one program. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainability and access essential requirements with ease. Work efficiently and collaboratively with your team, and rely on our constantly evolving service to meet your needs. 

Ecobio Manager:

Significantly saves money, time, and effort needed for expertise

Seamlessly combines classification and KPI reporting into a compliant and comprehensive sustainability statement

User-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive

Flexible integration with other software

Creates a smooth common evaluation process for your team of sustainbility reporting professionals across Europe

Experts at your side

Essential information and functions are always up to date and easily accessible

Showcase the EU Taxonomy and CSRD report effortlessly

The most comprehensive solution for EU ​Taxonomy and CSRD

Navigating the ever-expanding requirements of ​the ​EU taxonomy and CSRD can be a daunting task, requiring careful consideration of around 1,000 technical ​screening ​criteria​ (TSC)​ and 300 laws, as well as their interpretations. It is impossible to achieve this ​​without a clear ​process ​and ​workflow ​automation. 

Our comprehensive solution for CSRD and EU taxonomy combines classification and reporting with compliance and risk assessments and constantly updates legal databases. Third parties can easily verify the results. 

Ecobio Manager includes a summary, printing, archiving, and communication features. 

Our experts are always available, and we offer training, workshops, and consultation as needed. With our service, you can lead your company’s sustainable development in accordance with EU taxonomy with ease and confidence​.​ ​Report​ your​ progress in the appropriate format ​as ​required by the regulation. 

Tangible benefits for your sustainability and financial team

EU ​T​axonomy classification

  • 6 environmental objectives  
  • ​​​​substant​​ial​ contribution criteria 
  • Do-no-significant-harm evalutation 
  • Minimum safeguards 

KPI reporting

  • EU taxonomy compliant reporting (ESAP)
  • Reporting by taxonomy activites 
  • At company and/or group level 
  • ​​Turnover (r​evenue​)​, capital and operating expenditures 
  • CapEx plans  
  • Annual reporting  


  • ​​Automated m​​​onitoring ​of ​regulatory changes 
  • Compliance assessment 
  • EU ​t​axonomy regulations 
  • National regulations 
  • Criteria for minimum safeguards 


  • Environmental risks 
  • Current Climate risk and Climate Scenario risks
  • Chemical risks 
  • Occupational health and safety risks 

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

  • ​​Double Materiality
  • Data Collection
  • Sustainability statement
  • ESAP readiness 

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