The CSRD GAP Analysis – A Quick Test

Welcome to test your company’s readiness for sustainability reporting according to EU CSRD.

As a result, you will receive a CSRD Readiness Report, which includes recommendations and a cost estimate for embarking on your journey towards compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

Save money, ensure compliance, and grow a sustainable business with Ecobio Manager

A Tagged Sustainability statement

By the law, the sustainability statement includes a company’s corporate sustainability (CSRD) and EU Taxonomy information. Ecobio Manager helps your company create its sustainability statement electronically with required digital-tagged information and deliver it to the European Single Access Point (ESAP).

Simplify Your CSRD Workflow

Ecobio Manager guides your team through the double materiality assessment and automatically builds your data collection framework based on the assessment results. Finally, you simply collect the data and create the sustainability statement.

Simplify Your EU Taxonomy workflow

With Ecobio Manager, your team can streamline the classification of your company’s economic activities according to the EU Taxonomy criteria, report their key performance indicators, and add the information automatically to the sustainability statement. You can ensure compliance with all up-to-date obligations in Ecobio Manager.

Climate Scenario Risks, Regulations and more

EU’s CSRD, accompanying ESRS standards, and the EU Taxonomy, all set new demands for sustainability comopetence and processes in companies. Ecobio Manager provides expert-designed and supportive tools for climate change scenario assessments, GHG calculations, rgulation tracking, comploance assessment, stakeholder engagement, chemicals and more.

​Simplify EU Taxonomy and CSRD with Ecobio Manager