All-In-One Software for Comp​r​ehensive Risk Management

Ecobio Manager facilitates legal risk assessments by offering a smooth and systematic evaluation process for climate, environmental, chemical, and occupational risks. In addition, it ​assists ​safety experts in demanding climate risk assessments and ​in ​assessing opportunities for sustainable development reporting for businesses (coming soon).  

The service is developed by experienced industry experts and considers regulatory guidelines for risk assessment as well as ISO standards. Contact us or book a presentation on risk assessment with Ecobio Manager! 

Customer benefits

Coverage of risk assessment has improved by

70 %*

Risk assessment has become more systematic by

63 %*

Manual work for risk assessment has decreased by

53 %*

*The average improvements experienced by customers based on our customer survey (2022). 

Reduce risks with Ecobio Manager

Ecobio Manager automates risk assessment processes and helps you plan actions to mitigate risks. 

Ecobio Manager

Provides a comparable overall picture of your company’s risks and necessary actions 

​Saves time and effort by guiding you through a smooth ​automated ​assessment process

Focuses on sustainability risks ​in ​one comprehensive service 

​​Conveniently connects risk assessments to taxonomies and chemicals​​

Covers challenging climate and biodiversity risks in the future 

Guides you ​​through ​​demanding climate risks​​, like an expert ​​(coming soon)​​ 

Comprehensive risk management with Ecobio

Ecobio Manager makes it easier to conduct mandatory risk assessments by improving the comprehensiveness of the risk assessment and making the process more systematic. The service allows for the assessment of the following hazards: 

  • environment
  • occupational health and safety
  • chemicals
  • pandemics
  • general
  • climate change (coming soon)
  • biodiversity (coming soon)

Ecobio Manager is a risk management service that addresses the challenges of the future. You can practically manage your company’s sustainable development risks with a single service. 

The ​​​Customer service is very friendly and knowledgeable. I get help and answers to my questions quickly. It’s also nice when the ​ ​​SDS ​I sent is acknowledged as transferred.”

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