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Ecobio Manager is a comprehensive solution to manage your company’s sustainability requirements, EU taxonomy, regulations, risks, and chemicals – all within a single, easy-to-use platform.  

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Ecobio has good customer service.
They are flexible and always answer questions if any arise.

Katja Oksala
Senior Quality Manager

Vapo Oy

Regarding the service, the usability is really good. I also appreciate the flexibility. Overall, I am very satisfied and that we have a good contact person.

Jussi Korpela
Director of Quality Systems

Cargotec Oy

I am particularly pleased with their friendly customer service and flexibility.  

Patrik Vesterinen
Quality Manager

Onninen Oy

I am satisfied that the Ecobio Manager service is always up to date. Also, once a year, our needs are defined, and the service is tailored to our needs.  

Thomas Kronberg
Process and Environmental Development Manager

IDO Bathrooms Ltd