CSRD GAP Analysis

The CSRD gap analysis is pivotal for ensuring CSRD compliance. Performing a thorough CSRD gap analysis is an essential initial step towards achieving full compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

CSRD Gap Analysis

Gap analysis process serves as the foundation for embarking on your journey towards comprehensive sustainability reporting, which is especially pertinent for companies impacted by CSRD and are required to disclose sustainability efforts accordingly.

💡 The primary objective of the CSRD gap analysis is to pinpoint areas where your current sustainability practices align with CSRD requirements and identify any existing gaps. Although this process can be complex and resource-intensive, it offers significant efficiency gains by leveraging previous work instead of starting anew. By building upon existing efforts, companies can streamline the compliance process, ultimately saving costs and reducing time expenditures.

In essence, the gap analysis transforms the daunting task of CSRD compliance into a valuable opportunity. By facilitating the identification of pre-existing alignments and potential areas for improvement, it streamlines the journey towards meeting CSRD standards. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for companies with a foundation in previous sustainability disclosures, allowing them to navigate the complexities of compliance more effectively.

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How to conduct CSRD Gap Analysis

When doing a CSRD/ESRS GAP analysis, you want to start by defining what you want to get out of the analysis. For example, do you intend to use the result to inform the development of a new reporting process or as part of continuous development of an existing process?

Regardless of your aim, you need to first define your current state: what information and data do you collect and under what practices. How are sustainability issues informing top management, business structure and values? Then you need to define where you aim to be regarding performance, and at what time schedule.

The CSRD GAP Analysis with Ecobio Manager

The CSRD GAP analysis feature in Ecobio Manager:

  • builds on the information from your double materiality assessment to define which ESRS topics, disclosures and data points are material to you.
  • For these material topics, the feature allows you to define your current state for each defined reporting disclosure requirement defined in the ESRS and identify gaps with the requirements, documenting the process using our integrated compliance tool.
  • Your findings, necessary actions and deadlines can be defined as part of the compliance assessment process.
  • The GAP analysis results give you visual assistance for prioritising the development of strategies and actions.

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