CSRD, EU Taxonomy and ESRS are important parts for the sustainability reporting

CSRD Gap Analysis – A Roadmap to Streamlined Reporting

If you are wondering about what the results of the CSRD gap analysis mean for your reporting process, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, you will learn how Gap analysis contribute to the development of your reporting procedure and how CSRD roadmaps inform the reporting process!

Performing a CSRD Gap Analysis is essential for your reporting journey, as it pinpoints areas of alignment with CSRD requirements while also identifying existing gaps. This analysis serves as a roadmap for defining your reporting strategy moving forward. Given the complexity of the reporting process and the multitude of data points involved, we understand the challenges you may face.

That’s why in the webinar we will guide you through the CSRD Gap analysis process and we’ll also delve into how Ecobio Manager can help streamline this process, making it more efficient and manageable for your team.

By automating CSRD Gap analysis, you’ll not only make your work easier but also significantly faster. In the webinar, we’ll provide our best tips and tricks for creating a flawless CSRD Gap analysis to support your company’s sustainability journey.

Webinar Agenda

  • Optimizing CSRD GAP Analysis 
  • Applying GAP analysis results to your reporting process roadmap 
  • Utilising the outcomes of CSRD GAP analysis 
  • Case example 
  • Q&A  

What You Will Learn

  • How Ecobio Manager optimises your CSRD GAP analysis 
  • How GAP analysis enhances your reporting process roadmap 
  • How GAP analysis can help you develop your reporting procedure 

The Webinar Is Intended For

  • Communication  
  • Sustainability  
  • Finance and CFOs  
  • Board members  
  • Anyone responsible for sustainability reporting 


Sustainability reporting expert Katrine Hoset 

Sustainability reporting expert Katrine Hoset, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Ecobio. An advisory member of the development team of Ecobio Manager’s taxonomy and sustainability reporting solution. 

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