Effortless EU Taxonomy Reporting, Solutions for Smarter Compliance

Watch the webinar to learn how to streamline your EU Taxonomy reporting process with the user-friendly Ecobio Manager.

The use of digital tools and solutions can help companies streamline their sustainability reporting and comply with the EU Taxonomy more efficiently. With automation, reporting processes can be made more time-efficient, allowing companies to focus on their core business competencies. This can also result in improved data accuracy and transparency, which is essential for ensuring the credibility of sustainability reporting.

Moreover, by leveraging digital solutions, companies can identify and measure their environmental impact more accurately. This can help them make more informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

Digitalising the EU Taxonomy reporting provides a framework for companies to accelerate their transition to a more sustainable future, while also creating new business opportunities and enhancing their reputation.

Enhance your long-term Taxonomy process with Ecobio Manager

Are you a CFO, Sustainability Manager, or Compliance Officer struggling to comply with the EU Taxonomy regulation? Watch our webinar, “Effortless EU Taxonomy Reporting: Solutions for Smarter Compliance”, to learn how to streamline your reporting process with the user-friendly Ecobio Manager.

Webinar Agenda

  • Understanding the EU Taxonomy: Key concepts, criteria, and categories 
  • Common Reporting Challenges: Overview of the most common challenges faced when complying with the EU Taxonomy 
  • Effortless Reporting with the Ecobio Manager: Introduction to automated and user-friendly solution for smarter EU Taxonomy reporting 
  • Q&A 

What You Will Learn

  • How to establish a smart reporting process  
  • Know how to overcome the most common reporting challenges  
  • Explore automated and user-friendly solutions for smarter EU Taxonomy reporting 

The Webinar is Intended for  

  • CFOs and Finance Directors 
  • Sustainability Managers and Environmental Officers 
  • Compliance Officers and Legal Counsel 
  • Audit and Assurance Professionals 
  • Anyone involved in EU Taxonomy reporting and compliance 


Country Lead DACHEcobio Manager Linda Tissen

Linda Tissen is part of the Ecobio Manager Sales Team. She is experienced in corporate strategy and sustainability and familiar with EU Taxonomy classification and reporting. 

Watch now: Effortless EU taxonomy reporting – Solutions for Smarter Compliance

Recording of Ecobio Manager webinar from May 2023.

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