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Embrace the challenges of the new EU requirements for corporate sustainability reporting with confidence! If you find yourself navigating the complexities of CSRD/ESRS and taxonomy, or if you’re curious about crafting an impactful sustainability statement, look no further. Whether you’re seeking clarity on these regulations or a comprehensive digital solution, we have you covered. Join us and gain the knowledge and tools you need to effortlessly manoeuvre through the world of corporate sustainability reporting.  

This webinar will lead you through the new EU concept for corporate sustainability and taxonomy reporting. We will demonstrate just how straightforward and hassle-free the requirements can be.  Furthermore, we’ll walk you through the process from the double materiality assessment to crafting a sustainability statement. 

We will show how smoothly Ecobio Manager can be used to facilitate the reporting process of corporate sustainability and taxonomy.  

Webinar Agenda

  • Which organizations are affected by EU CSRD/ESRS and Taxonomy 
  • Sustainability Reporting: double materiality, data collection and report preparation 
  • Taxonomy eligibility, alignment, and KPIs – six objectives 
  • Sustainability Statement and its delivery to the ESAP 
  • Effective working process: from GAP analysis to company-wide reporting 
  • Benefits from the digitalized process – Ecobio Manager 
  • Q&A Session 

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the CSRD/ESRS and taxonomy. 
  • Navigate the reporting process with ease, from double materiality and data collection, taxonomy eligibility, alignment, and KPIs to Sustainability Statement creation 
  • How to benefit from a digital solution – Ecobio Manager. 

The Webinar Is Intended For

  • Communication 
  • Sustainability 
  • Finance and CFOs 
  • IT 
  • Board members 
  • Anyone responsible for sustainability reporting  


Sustainability reporting expert Katrine Hoset 

Katrine Hoset is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Ecobio. She is experienced with corporate social responsibility reporting and assurance and is familiar with EHS legislation in EU and international initiatives related to sustainability and EHS. Hoset is an advisory member of the development team of Ecobio Manager’s taxonomy and sustainability reporting solution.   

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Thank You for Downloading our Webinar!
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Thank You for Downloading our Webinar!

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