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Learnings from 2023 EU Taxonomy reporting

Now that the reporting for 2023 is done, it is time to evaluate how you can move forward and be prepared for the next round of reporting.

While the EU Taxonomy is new to all of us, we have already identified certain solutions to bring agility and structure for you to be ahead of the game for the next round of reporting.

In this webinar, you will learn why it is important to start thinking long-term now and why your EU Taxonomy team should include members from different business functions, such as finance, operations, and sustainability department. And together take responsibility for the EU Taxonomy alignment and reporting.

How does the future of EU Taxonomy look like?

The EU Taxonomy reporting will only get more complex as the four new environmental objectives are published (any day now!) and CSRD reporting for the financial year of 2024 will increase the number of requirements.

For the year 2023 reporting, there were over 1000 requirements to consider, with no clear guidelines and this gave room for discrepancies in interpretation. This has resulted in professionals around the EU being unsatisfied with the current EU Taxonomy system.

You do not need to struggle in the future as the requirements list grows and changes. There is a way to master the EU Taxonomy! Learn what you need to do now to be able to easily adapt to the changing EU taxonomy requirements and for the added demands CSRD will place on non-financial reporting in the future.


Enhance your long-term Taxonomy process with Ecobio Manager

Using the right digital solution ensures a smooth reporting process that provides standardized governance throughout the company for EU taxonomy alignment and reporting today and in the future.

In the webinar, we will demonstrate a smooth taxonomy work process and how our digital solution, Ecobio Manager, will help you and your team to navigate the alignment and reporting requirements easily across multi-professional teams with a systematic approach. 

Ecobio Manager is the World’s most comprehensive digital solution for the EU Taxonomy. No other platform provides you with the tools to assess and classify alignment and create standardized reporting.

If you wish to learn more about how you can take advantage of the Ecobio Manager EU taxonomy tool, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with one of our key account managers.

Webinar Agenda

  • Learnings from 2023 reporting
  • How to prepare for 2024 reporting
  • From short-term chaos to a systematic approach

Time: February the 28th at 3.00 PM EET

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Senior consultant Katrine Hoset, PhD in environmental sciences

Katrine Hoset is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Ecobio. She is experienced with corporate social responsibility reporting and assurance and is familiar with EHS legislation in EU and international initiatives related with sustainability and EHS. Hoset is an advisory member in the development team of Ecobio Manager’s Taxonomy tool have a thorough understanding in the EU Taxonomy criteria.

Country Lead DACH, Ecobio Manager Linda Tissen

Linda Tissen is part of the Ecobio Manager Sales Team. She is experienced in corporate strategy and sustainability and familiar with EU Taxonomy classification and reporting. 

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Ecobio Manager contains everything you need to comply with the EU Taxonomy requirements


  • Six environmental objectives
  • Substantial contribution assessment
  • Do no significant harm (DNSH) assessment
  • Minimum safeguard assessment
  • Summarizing, printing, archiving, and communication features
  • Training, workshops and advisory
  • Assists with verification


  • Reporting by Taxonomy activity
  • Undertaking or group level
  • Turnover, capital & operational expendures
  • CapEx plans
  • Detailed disclusure model by the Delegate Act
  • Annual reporting
  • Summarizing, printing, archiving, and communication features
  • Training, workshops and advisory
  • Assists with verification

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