EU Taxonomy Guide for CFO’s – How to Avoid Chaos

As a CFO, you have to provide the company’s EU Taxonomy report annually for investors, banks and other shareholders

This whitepaper is intended for those who are responsible for providing the financial data and calculating the relevant KPI’s for taxonomy reporting in non-financial companies. Read the latest whitepaper to learn more about:

  • What is the EU Taxonomy Regulation?
  •  Digitalisation and EU taxonomy
  •  Nine steps for EU Taxonomy reporting

Follow the nine steps to comply with the EU taxonomy requirements.

The aim of the EU taxonomy regulation is to prevent greenwashing and make green activities more attractive to investors.

EU Taxonomy is highly relevant for companies aiming to obtain investments through green bonds, loans, and other EU-level funding opportunities.

The CFO’s guide is also available in German and by downloading your copy below, you will receive access to the German copy.

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